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The perfect Christmas gift for your Curlfriend! 

Coily Miracle Hydrating Shampoo:
Its a 10 Coily Miracle Hydrating Shampoo deeply moisturizes deep into delicate strands to strengthen and seal, so hair looks polished and perfect. Well-defined curls, fewer frizzies, less breakage, better defense against humidity, and extra softness are yours with every use. Even better, our Hydrating Shampoo's rich lather removes buildup to leave hair bouncy without drying it out, and its no-added-sulfate formula is 100% color-safe. Used regularly, hair actually becomes more manageable and lustrous on its own and responds better to any styling choice you make.
Coily Miracle Curl Cream:
Knock-Out Curls Made Simple. It doesn't take hours and hours, dozens of different tools or multiple products to make curls look as beautiful as possible. All it really takes is It's a 10 Miracle Coily Curl Cream. This non-greasy, non-hardening styling solution gives definition, shine, and frizz-free control to each and every curl for a tamed-yet-touchable effect. Whether it's tightly would spirals, loose barrel curls, or bouncy ringlets, It's a 10 Miracle Coily Curl Cream is your secret weapon for perfected texture, moisturizing hold, and easy, out-the-door styling literally right at your fingertips.
Coily Miracle Leave-In Product:
A New Twist for Luxurious Curls, Waves, and Straight Styles. Nothing is as alluring as shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair regardless of how it's styled. It's a 10 Miracle Coily Leave-In gives you the freedom to explore dozens of different looks with your clients, all with the same flawless finish you've come to expect from It's a 10. Stunning braids without fly-aways, beachy waves that look soft and conditioned, defined springy curls, sleek straightened tresses, it's all possible with just one product. It works by penetrating hair with deep moisturizers to soften and seal strands, while also imparting a bit of weightless styling control that takes the place of gels or hairsprays. Welcome to go - everywhere, do anything hair that gets more luscious with every use.

It's a 10!- Coily Kit Hair Care Kit - BEAUTYBEEZ-beauty-supply

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