New Year's Eve Hair Inspo

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Are you as excited as we are about the New Year? Everyone benefits from a fresh start, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to try out a sassy new style. The best part is the ease of getting all of your products from all of us here at BEAUTYBEEZ! We proudly offer a constantly-growing selection of premier hair care products and tools. There’s nothing like going into the new year with a new style, so get ready to pop bottles, and style with BEAUTYBEEZ.

The Basic Pony

Who doesn’t love a classic ponytail? From Beyonce’s envy-inducing hair piece from the 2015 Met Gala to Ariana Grande’s signature look, dress your ponytail up for a soiree, or down for a night in with the girls. Start with detangled and moisturized hair. If your hair is relaxed, you won’t have to worry about detangling, but be sure to use a light moisturizer for all of your styles. Cold air can dry out your hair and skin.

Use a wide-tooth comb to pull your hair either back, or up to the crown of your head. Remember not to tie your ponytail too tight! Once you’ve got your ponytail, you’ve got options: bun it with a bun former, or add a little Rast-Afri Original Classic Jumbo for a longer or bigger style. 

We love the BabyTress Edge Styler to define the edges. Keep those edges down with Hicks Edges Pomade.


Embrace the newly-returned 90s with a style that loves to party as much as you do. Using a wide-tooth comb, part your hair from left to right, using the tips of your ears to keep your line straight. Leave the back half down, and lightly apply an anti-humidity holding spray, like the Mizani formula. This will help your hair keep your style, so you can focus on toasting, not shrinkage. 

With the front half, try a fun bun! If you want to add hair, pinch off enough of the Rast-Afri braiding hair, making sure it’s about as thick as two of your fingers. Twist your own hair in the ponytail, and pin it down. Wrap the synthetic hair around until it covers your natural hair, and gives you the bun that you want. Add more hair for a bigger bun! 

Natural Twists

If the thought of adding hair feels like too much, try a sophisticated twists set. Start by two-strand twisting all of your hair. We recommend a little Ecostyler to keep those flyaways from flying away. Then, create a new row in the very front by twisting two twists together at a time, moving left to right, and securing them with bobby pins. After you have three pinned-down rows of twists, add a few decorative barrettes, and check out your work. 

Festive Fro

If naturals love nothing else, we love looking effortlessly beautiful. Start with a twist-out - an old twist-out is okay! Grab your spray bottle, and a sealing cream or oil. Going section by section, gently spray and moisturize your hair. Comb or brush it out with a wide-tooth comb, working gently from your ends to your roots. And’re done! We suggest adding a glittery headband to match your outfit, or part it down the middle in the front, and hold it down with some of our pretty barrettes. 

Love these looks? Want more? More is on the way!

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