Celebrating Black-Owned Brands for Black History Month

Black History Month

We’re proud of our culture, proud of our history, and proud of our beautiful BeautyBeez. February is a special time for everyone in the United States. Not only do we show mad love on Valentine’s Day, we spend all month celebrating Black people, Black achievements, and uplifting Black entrepreneurs and leaders. We offer products for everyone, but we love to be of service to our fellow Black women when it comes to beautifying, unifying, and nurturing. We’ve always turned to each other when it mattered, and February, like every month, is the best time for us to do that. With that, we’re spotlighting some of our favorite Black-owned brands we carry right here, in store and online:

Native Hair: Get Right

We can’t really get this list going without a shout to Native Hair. Started in 2019 by Brittney Middleton Ogike (our very own Queen Bee), Native by BeautyBeez is our exclusive line of weaves and extensions that’ll bring the sophistication and glamor that everyone craves. Try them in a sleek ponytail, or down for brunch with the girls. Oh, and your sweetie will love feeling your gorgeous Native locs. 

Alikay Naturals: Naturally Lovely

Is it just us, or is it moist in here? When it comes to penetrating hydration for thirsty hair, Alikay Naturals is one of our top picks. With dozens of moisturizing and sealing products, all smelling like the sweetest heaven, you can’t go wrong with this Black woman-owned brand. From the softening Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner to the Glazed Argan Oil Silkener, this is a brand that will let your Black (hair) shine through. 

Design Essentials: Here to Hydrate

If ever there was a brand that’s got your back, it’s Design Essentials. Originally created in the 90s, most of us remember our moms or aunties slicking down our scalps and brushing the creamy goodness of their leave-ins through our curly manes. Design Essentials is still one of our go-to Black-owned brands. Treat those fresh braids with their Scalp & Skin Care Anti-Intch and Tension Relief Oil, or treat your own curls to the Almond and Avocado Curling Creme.

Mielle Organics: See to Believe

It’s hard out there when your hair doesn’t have a niche need, but if your hair is dry and dirty - watch out! With Mielle Organics, help is on the way. Their Babassu Conditioning Shampoo is a wonder that gently cleans, de-gunks the worst of our heads, and does it all without drying your hair out. And whether you need to boost your conditioner, or just keep your scalp right, Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Organic Hair Oil is the stuff your scalp will drink right up so you can go on about your business. 

TGIN: Yas, Sis

Thank God I’m Natural is what you call your company when you love love your hair. BeautyBeez gets it, too. And TGIN is what you want to love love your hair. We regularly sell out of the sweet and pampering Honey Miracle Hair Mask, and you may have to hit us up online to grab it - and your purchase points. We definitely thank God we’re natural during Black History Month, but we won’t leave those edges hangin’, either. TGIN holds you and those edges down with their amazing Smooth and Hold Edge Control.  

Rich by Rick Ro$$: Money Good  

We’ll never forget a shout to the brothers that keep us going, too. Black women aren’t the only ones who deserve soft skin and hair, but Rick Ross is someone who did something about it. With a Hair and Body Wash that turns any shower into a guys-only spa, Mr. Rozay didn’t come here to play. He didn’t forget about Pomade for the Slick Ricks and Aftershave Balm for the smooth operators, either.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to get - we all have our Rich-Alikay-Organics combos, too.

We don’t celebrate Black History Month because - it’s February, we celebrate because we make Black history every day. We’re our ancestors’ wildest dreams, and we’re only getting wilder. 

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