Breathe In, Breathe Out: 3 Self-Care Tips during Social Distancing


For many, our day-to-day routine has come to a halt. In the midst of COVID-19, a lot of us have been forced with change our daily routine, which now calls for social distancing and for some, working from home.

In the midst of this all, its completely natural to experience anxiety, which is why we're encouraging and reminding you to practice self-care to ease your stress. From DIY beauty treatments to maintaining healthy skin, here are 3 self-care practices during social distancing. 

Show love to your skin

We get it, sis....with all the hand-washing our skin needs a little more loving. Moisturize after every wash to retain your natural oils. Lotions like Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus and butters like Pure African Shea, are not only good for calming scents, but also serve to lock in moisture. 

If you're feeling anxious, long baths are a perfect elixir to ease you tension after a long day with your family, or back-to-back conference calls. Grab your favorite bath salts much like Goodnight Darling's Deep Detox, and sit calmly with a book of your choice. You deserve it, sis. And your skin will thank you.

Get ready to glow-up

Staying indoors while social distancing is a perfect excuse to give yourself DIY beauty treatments. You can use an at-home skincare kit to get amazing results. If you normally wouldn't have time for treatments much like a peel, why not use this time to do what you've always wanted. 

Grab a few of our Hydrating Sheet Masks if you'd like quick & easy treatments. Or if your stress is at an all time high, and causing unusual breakouts, Bolden's Clear Skin Clay Mask may be just the thing you need.

Light it up 

If you need to do anything right now, it is to remain calm. We know that with the uncertainty of all that's happening around us, it is easy to panic and have high stress levels. But, keep calm sis. Take a few minutes at the end (or beginning) of your day to breathe, affirm your health, beauty, and calm mind, and just be. Light a candle and clear your mind. Everything will be alright, and in due time, sis.

We hope you're staying healthy and well. 

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